Molecular Medicine Triconference 2013 in San Francisco

Collaboration and Externalization at Molecular Medicine Triconference

Dr. Barry Bunin, CEO of Collaborative Drug Discovery, will Present and Chair the program on “Collaboration and Externalization” at the 5th Annual Integrated R&D Informatics & Knowledge Management Channel.  The conference will be in San Francisco from Monday, February 11 through Friday, February 15, 2013.  For a list of the other interesting presentations in the channel, see:

P.S. By popular demand, CDD will be doing our one cool SmartBoard to CDD Larger than Life at the exhibit.   Visit Booth #506 right by the ice cream, crackers, drinks courtesy of CHI…and we’ll be handing out the equally popular Baby CDD Onesies (for if you or anyone you know was ever a baby:).

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