New Strategies in Antibiotic Drug Development: Webinar Recorded December 13th, 2018

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Video from our 2018 Q4 Webinar, "New Strategies in Antibiotic Drug Development"

With Cheryl Quinn and AJ Campbell

Moderated by Thale Jarvis
with Introductions by Wes Kim

Recorded December 13, 2018, the discussion was highly informed, with a focus on...

How we can move the needle in the challenging antibacterial drug discovery arena.

  • Further our understanding of the compound types that penetrate the various compartments of Gram-Negative Bacteria via various mechanisms and equilibrium processes.
  • Explore the broader business and scientific considerations that influence successfully navigating novel antibiotics development.

Be sure to listen in at the end where the panelists answer questions from scientists in the audience.

This talk was hosted by CDD, in conjunction with Pew Trusts and moderated by Keystone Symposia CSO, Dr. Thale Jarvis, with an introduction from Dr. Wes Kim, Senior Officer of Pew Trust's Antibiotic Resistance Project.

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You'll also find short bios with links to learn more about this webinar's speakers and moderators below. 

About AJ Campbell, Cheryl Quinn, Thale Jarvis, & Wes Kim

Dr AJ Campbell, CDD Q4 2018 Webinar Speaker. Collaborative Drug Discovery

AJ Campbell


AJ Campbell is a computational chemist in the Medicinal Chemistry Group of the Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research at the Broad Institute of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University.

Dr. Campbell is also skilled in drug design and discovery, molecular dynamics, medicinal chemistry, and structural biology.

Dr Cheryl Quinn, CDD Q4 2018 Webinar Speaker. Collaborative Drug Discovery

Cheryl Quinn


Cheryl Quinn was Director of Antibacterial Biology at Pfizer and a senior executive at several biotechnology companies focusing on novel antibacterials and antifungals discovery.

An active reviewer for NIH study sections for over 10 years, Dr. Quinn has also led business efforts, culminating in her tenure as CEO of ImmuVen Inc., a T-cell receptor-based technology company. She is an inventor on 42 issued patents.

Thale Jarvis, CDD Q4 2018 Webinar Moderator. Collaborative Drug Discovery

Thale Jarvis


Thale Jarvis is a member CDD's Customer Advisory Board and is currently CSO at Keystone Symposia. Dr. Jarvis is also Co-Founder, Science Advisor and Vice President of R&D at Crestone, working on C. difficile drug discovery.

Dr. Jarvis is a co-author of 40 publications and a co-inventor of over a dozen issued patents.

Wes Kim, CDD Q4 2018 Webinar Facilitator. Collaborative Drug Discovery

Wes Kim


Wes Kim is Senior Officer, Innovation for the  Antibiotic Resistance Project at the Pew Charitable Trusts where he leads efforts to spur the innovation of new antibiotics for Pew’s antibiotic resistance project.

Dr. Kim's work focuses on research and policies that will help to advance antibiotic discovery and development.

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