NIH & Georgetown University Discuss Therapeutically Relevant Bioassays

Join Nathan Coussens (NIH/NCATS) and Paul Roepe (Georgetown University) as they tackle the loaded issue of developing “Therapeutically Relevant Bioassays” in CDD’s Q4 webinar.

therapeutically relevant bioassays

Learn about best practices from Dr. Nathan Coussens (Assay Guidance Manual, Associate Scientific Editor) and hear how Professor Paul Roepe (Georgetown) tackles the problem given the complexity of Malaria biology. A Washington DC doubleheader, not to be missed.

The open access Assay Guidance Manual (AGM) is a 972 page, regularly updated treasure trove of best practices across enzyme, phenotypic, and in vivo assays covering the latest methods, technologies, kits, instruments, and much more.  With contributions from leaders in industry and academia, the AGM is updated quarterly with workshops and collaborations growing around this unique resource for the scientific community.

Of course the specifics that really matter for each type of target, assay and therapeutic area vary. This holds true for discovering new hits, leads, and drugs for Malaria. Malaria biology is especially complex: different strains, the mosquito, blood and liver stages, parasite-host interactions, combination therapies and resistance trends changing around the globe…  Thus we are delighted to be joined by Professor Paul Roepe (Georgetown University) who’s an expert on the complexity of Malaria and collaborates with a number of leaders in various academic and government laboratories with an emphasis on using therapeutically relevant assays systems.

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  • Wednesday, December 7th, 2016
  • 10:00 AM (US Pacific), 1:00 PM (US Eastern), 6:00 PM (GMT)


Nathan Coussens   Paul Roepe

  • Nathan Coussens, Senior Research Scientist, Biology, Division of Pre-Clinical Innovation, National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, National Institutes of Health
  • Paul Roepe, Professor of Chemistry, Professor of Biochemistry & Cell. and Mol. Biol., Co-director, Center for Infectious Disease, Georgetown University

Join our distinguished panel of speakers as they deviate from the expected “PowerPoint presentation” style webinar to provide an engaging Town Hall experience.

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