Two CDD Board members presenting at Partnering for Cures in NYC on Dec 15th

December 6, 2010

CDD has always been about Faster Cures.  So we are honored that board members Alpheus Bingham and Barry Bunin will be presented at the upcoming Faster Cures meeting “Partnering for Cures” in NYC.  Dr. Bingham will be presenting on a panel titled Cloud-Sourcing: Collaboration in a Data-Rich Environment and Dr. Bunin will be presenting on a panel titled Cures in the Cupboard: Sharing and Repurposing Assets.

The full agenda Dec 14-15 at the Grant Hyatt is here, the full list of profiled speakers are online here, and the registration is still open here.

As most of you know, CDD has been developing and promoting technologies to enable faster cures…specifically with the CDD Vault® on the database side and with CDD Collaborate® to make collaborations more manageable.   Our current focus on more advanced Projects within CDD Collaborate® is designed to make collaborations more naturally part of researchers secure workflows using the CDD Vault®.

For more information on the event, visit our events page.

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