Webinar: BioAssay Express Demonstration & CDD Vault ELN for Assay Registration: June 28, 2019

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Practical Demonstration of BioAssay Express (BAE) and CDD Vault ELN for Assay Registration

Friday, June 28, 2019 • 9:00 AM PT • 12:00 PM ET • 16:00 GMT

In our recent "Better Science Through Metadata" webinar, our expert panel of scientists (Dr. Ellen Berg and Dr. Isabella Feierberg) discussed the importance of metadata and their vision for how assay annotation will shape the future of drug discovery.

During this webinar, the panelists also discussed how CDD's BioAssay Express (BAE) provides a smart tool that incorporates a hybrid machine-learning approach with expertly curated ontologies to unambiguously and easily annotate your assay metadata. BAE also provides a powerful engine for searching, comparing, and analyzing your assays so much so that parts of BAE, namely Assay Annotations, have also been implemented into CDD Vault ELN for Assay Registration.

We had such a great response to this webinar that we are now scheduling a practical live webinar on June 28th to demonstrate the use of BAE and the CDD Vault ELN.

Please join Dr. Samantha Jeschonek, Research Scientist at Collaborative Drug Discovery, as she walks us through typical use-case scenarios for users of BAE and the CDD Vault ELN.