What’s the antidote for big data pains at HTS Core Facilities?

The key is in the cloud, starting with CDD Vault™

the key is in the cloud (key-chain)

Originally a province of the pharmaceutical industry, drug discovery has become firmly entrenched in the academic domain in the recent years too. Operating on a smaller scale than in pharma, academic and non-profit drug discovery has become possible with High Throughput Screening (HTS) Core facilities within the university.

Traditionally, most universities share many types of Cores, such as animal facilities, mass spectrometry, and the like, and now the need for HTS cores has become a priority. The clients of such facilities are typically basic biology and chemistry investigators who have the funding, but lack the necessary technical expertise or instrumentation to fulfill their research needs.

Working with smaller academic budgets, and a large diversity of research projects creates resource challenges for the core HTS facilities. For instance these centers may be well staffed with specialists that offer knowledge and consultation on different types of assay systems, but they do not employ automation engineers. Another important aspect frequently neglected in academic HTS facilities is dedicated informatics support. It is up to the core facility staff to troubleshoot their own instruments and to manage all the data.

High-throughput methods in medicinal chemistry (combinatorial synthesis) and biological assays (high throughput screening) create a flood of data …

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