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Virtual platforms & Pre-competitive Collaborations @ the World Pharma Innovation Congress Jan 31 – Feb 2 in SF, CA

November 30, 2011

Drs. Alpheus Bingham (CDD BOD member) and Barry Bunin (CDD CEO & BOD member) will present back-to-back at the World Pharma Innovation Congress hosted by Terrapin at the Hilton Financial District in San Francisco (Feb 1).

Dr. Alpheus Bingham, Founder and Member, Board of Directors at Innocentive, and a member of CDD’s board of directions, will present on “Tapping the long tail knowledge of the crowd” (at 2:30PM), followed by Dr. Bunin’s presentation titled “The biopharma facebook: social networking for science” on protecting IP while advancing shared knowledge (at 2:50PM).

Both will participate on the panel at 4:40PM (also on Feb 1) to discuss the emerging interdependency between competitive and pre-competitive knowledge in drug discovery:

  • Dr. Tim Willson, Director of Chemical Biology, GlaxoSmithKline
  • Dr. Tariq Ghayur, Senior Principal Scientist, Abbott Laboratories
  • Dr. Alpheus Bingham, Founder and Member, Board of Directors, Innocentive
  • Dr. Barry Bunin, Chief Executive Officer, Collaborative Drug Discovery

The panel should be quite provocative, given the timely topics:

  • Defining what work should be considered pre-competitive
  • Protecting research for open access to expedite drug discovery
  • Establishing the academic-pharma partnership for innovation

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