2021 CDD Holiday Poem

December 9, 2021

Image reading "Happy Holidays from Everyone at Collaborative Drug Discovery"


Brains devour data like a gourmet dinner
Whether the world’s expert or a Zen beginner

Cross-pollinate, the collaborative meme
‘Cause drug discovery has an interdisciplinary theme

Trees of knowledge from all nations
Leave the drugs for future generations

Within those data seeds (and weeds)
Are life-saving natural product leads!

Pandemic has emphasized, we all collaborate
So share with your colleagues, don’t hesitate 

Make it easy to Visualize the trend
Glean an insight, data’s your friend

Biological sequences, exponentially gathered
Chemical structures, selectivity mattered

Through online collaboration, science has won
Yet the full potential has barely begun

For with every challenge and natural disaster
The world needs your drugs, that much faster

– Happy holidays from CDD!


P.S. Santa is taking off, and so is cumulative login to CDD Vault!

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