CDD Vault Update (December 2022 [#2]): New Protocol Search & Structure Editor Features

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December 27, 2022

Protocol Searching

When defining a search in the main Explore Data > Search tab, users can find the precise Protocol to query by typing any portion of the Protocol Name. This new interface will display results as you type.

Hovering on Atoms in the Structure Editor

In the Ketcher Structure Editor, atoms can be changed using the keyboard without updating your selected tool. Hover over an atom and type the new atom label on the keyboard to change the atom definition.

Hotkeys Available in Structure Editor

A set of the most common actions within the CDD Vault Structure Editor can now be performed using keyboard HotKeys. A few common actions include:

Alt – e adds Stereochemistry to your structure
Alt – h performs a horizontal flip of your structure
Alt – v performs a vertical flip of your structure
Shift – t brings up the list of available Custom Templates
Shift – f brings up the list of available Functional Groups

Please explore the full list of Hotkeys by reviewing the Ketcher Documentation.

Abbreviations in the CDD Vault Structure Editor

Using the abbreviations tool in the CDD Vault Structure Editor is a convenient way to add common functional groups and chemical fragments to your structures and reactions. Access abbreviations by clicking the Custom Templates tool found in the lower toolbar.

This toolbar will present a menu of available Templates, Function Groups, Salts and Solvents which can be used when drawing chemical structures and reactions.

CDD is happy to expand the list of available templates and functional groups. Just email CDD Support with your requests.

CDD Vault Structure Editor Supports CDX Files

Ketcher, the CDD Vault Structure Editor, now supports the import of CDX files.