CDD Vault Update: Performance and Improving Load Times

CDD Vault Update Logo
January 25, 2011

This release focused heavily on performance. We targeted improving load times on the protocols, molecules, and runs pages. A few other improvements include:

  • Tautomer detection is always tricky in registration systems. To help, the application will now warn you when it detects a possible tautomer of an existing molecule in your Vault. The warnings can be seen when viewing a molecule that has possible tautomers within the Vault. When registering a new compound with possible existing tautomers, the QC Report will also now issue a warning.
  • We replaced Atom Count by Heavy Atom Count in the chemical properties table, in search results and in exports, since this quantity is more commonly used.
  • All the ChemAxon Marvin structure editor tools are now enabled for everyone without requiring installing a license locally. We encourage you to take a look, because there are useful calculations and visualization options.
  • Public molecules can now be referenced via URL. This means we can start to expand the CDD community to include additional resources. Other websites will be able to direct users from a specific structure to the public CDD content for that structure. Users are prompted to supply their username and password, or they can sign up for a public access account. Please let us know if you’re interested in learning more.