CDD Vault Update: Show/Hide Projects and Data Sets

CDD Vault Update Logo
January 5, 2011

Back from the holiday break and ready to rock. We continue to focus our efforts on projects, but have decided to make some small tweaks to existing features along the way.

Show/Hide projects and data sets

Inundated with projects from way back when? Keep active projects in the sidebar and hide the rest. Use the “show/hide projects” link, or hide individual projects by clicking on “hide” while hovering over a project name.


When a project is hidden, it is removed from all forms that allow you to add new data to your Vault (e.g. step 1 of the mapper, or creating a new molecule, protocol or run). Hidden projects will still appear in the “manage access” sections and the Manage Projects tab.

At any time, you can return a hidden project to the sidebar by clicking on the “show/hide projects” and switching the project to “show”.

Similarly, if you’re only interested in a select number of public data sets, use the show/hide feature to cull the list. Rest assured, any newly published data sets will show up automatically.

Small tweaks

  • We updated ChemAxon’s pKa calculation. Go check out the updated numbers.
  • After receiving numerous emails from customers, searching by protocol now returns only the batches that were tested (i.e. that have protocol data), instead of all batches for the molecule. If no protocols are displayed, we return all associated batches for each molecule.
  • While creating plate-specific control layouts, the search results are now better organized, making it easier to locate a particular plate.
  • Trying to keep the number of clicks to a minimum, managing access for molecules with no batches (or no batches you can access) requires less mouse activity.