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Why you shouldn't use Excel to manage drug discovery data


  • Re-Entering Antibacterial Discovery and Development Summit: October 18-20, 2017 October 16, 2017

    CDD will be presenting and exhibiting in Boston this week.   Dr. Janice Kranz, CDD Research Informatics, is presenting a talk entitled “Antibiotic Drug Discovery: Secure Data Sharing”: Date: Wednesday, October 18th at 10:15 AM Location: Omni Parker Hotel, Boston Session: Discovery Platforms CDD will also host a booth so […]

  • Progress Uncovering the Mysteries of the Human Microbiome October 10, 2017

    Nigel R. A. Beeley, Ph.D. Although there has been an interest in the diversity and impact of human-hosted bacteria for many years, the human microbiome project (HMP) began in earnest in 2008, focused on bacterial populations found in five body sites (oral, skin, vaginal, gut, and nasal/lung) (1). The objective […]


Ruo Steensma headshot

Dr. Ruo Steensma

Orphagen Pharmaceuticals

"We had Excel sheets all over the place and data from different projects that were just separated in different folders and after a while, it got to the point that it was just hard to manage. We chose CDD, and we’re really happy with the service and the cost and the way the database is evolving."

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