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Why you shouldn't use Excel to manage drug discovery data


  • The Dose-Response Curve February 15, 2017

    From the workstation of Nigel R. A. Beeley, CDD Advocate Ever since the musings of A. V. Hill (1) over 100 years ago which produced what is now known as the Hill-Langmuir equation (2) to describe pharmacological observations (the contractile effects of nicotine on the frog rectus-abdominis muscle, elaborated upon later with the O2 Hemoglobin […]

  • CDD Tour
    Q1 2017 Global Tour – Meet Us Along The Way! February 8, 2017

    Collaborative Drug Discovery will be attending, exhibiting and presenting at multiple conferences and meetings across the globe during the first qurter of 2017. Start the year off by sharing a global journey with CDD as we attend, exhibit and present our way across the globe. SLAS International Conference & Exhibition Washington, DC February 4-8 Drug […]


Ruo Steensma headshot

Dr. Ruo Steensma

Orphagen Pharmaceuticals

"We had Excel sheets all over the place and data from different projects that were just separated in different folders and after a while, it got to the point that it was just hard to manage. We chose CDD, and we’re really happy with the service and the cost and the way the database is evolving."

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