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Why you shouldn't use Excel to manage drug discovery data


  • CDD Vault Update: New Chemical Properties June 15, 2017

    Our last release focused on chemistry enhancements, and this release continues that theme by extending the list of calculated properties that are available in CDD Vault. The following additional chemical properties are now available for you: LogD as calculated by ChemAxon at pH 7.4 LogS as calculated by ChemAxon at pH 7.4 Fsp3 (the fraction […]

  • CDD top 10
    Top Ten Reasons You Need CDD Visualization and Advanced Calculations for Drug Discovery Data Analyses June 13, 2017

    Explore, evaluate all drug discovery data in one visualization environment Dynamically, interactively explore your data to develop new insights Find patterns visually in large, noisy datasets Dynamically filter, explore multiple variables Harness powerful computational and graphical tools to support your visualizations Quickly develop hypotheses to guide experiments Set up workflows to automatically calculate data for […]


Ruo Steensma headshot

Dr. Ruo Steensma

Orphagen Pharmaceuticals

"We had Excel sheets all over the place and data from different projects that were just separated in different folders and after a while, it got to the point that it was just hard to manage. We chose CDD, and we’re really happy with the service and the cost and the way the database is evolving."

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