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    Proventa Medicinal Chemistry, Boston — November 15th October 16, 2018

    CDD will exhibit and facilitate interactive discussions at the upcoming Medicinal Chemistry Strategy Meeting in Boston. CDD is a co-hosting sponsor in Proventa’s USA East Coast Strategy Meeting, where leaders from emerging biotech, pharma, and IT organizations will hold executive roundtable discussions. CDD’s Samantha Jeschonek will lead a round table discussion on contemporary drug discovery needs.…

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    Streamlining Drug Discovery Symposium, California — October 23 and October 25 October 15, 2018

    CDD Will Attend 2 Symposia In California CDD partner, Optibrium is co-organizing 2 one-day conferences: one in San Diego and one in San Francisco. Drop us an email at info@collaborativedrug.com if you will be at either of the meetings. Schedule a chat with CDD’s Whitney Smith to discuss informatics or managing your BioAssays. Time: Tuesday,…

Customers say...

Ruo Steensma headshot

Dr. Ruo Steensma

Orphagen Pharmaceuticals

"We had Excel sheets all over the place and data from different projects that were just separated in different folders and after a while, it got to the point that it was just hard to manage. We chose CDD, and we’re really happy with the service and the cost and the way the database is evolving."

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Malcolm Kendall headshot

Malcolm Kendall

President & CEO, Indel Therapeutics

"CDD Vault is a lifesaver. We really needed a way to capture the data we were creating and be able [to] share and analyze it — before we were capturing data on spreadsheets."

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Meeting the Informatics Needs of All Team Members

Explore why the sharing of data across disciplines is essential. Medicinal chemists and screening biologists working together are inherently more productive.

Read how an informatics system’s usability, especially by project scientists, relates to a project’s success.

See why confidence in data security enables extensive global collaborations.


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