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Simple and secure data management

Securely store, register and easily mine experimental data, including bioassays, SAR, and chemical structures, in a private data vault that CDD hosts for your group.

Manage your data with CDD Vault
Collaborate with your partners

Share data in real time without worrying about keeping track of file versions. Specify who can access your data and precisely which data they can see. Simple, sophisticated, secure.

Collaborate with CDD Vault
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Watch a 3 minute demo

    CDD to Present at the World Preclinical Congress – Mastering Medicinal Chemistry Conference in Boston (June 15-17) May 25, 2016

    CDD will be presenting scientific talks, posters and exhibiting at the upcoming World Preclinical Congress Mastering Medicinal Chemistry conference in Boston, between June 15th and 17th, 2016. Anna Spektor, CDD’s Customer Success Manager, and Shirley Louise-May, CDD Advocate, will be presenting a talk and 2 posters: “CDD Vault: Activity, Registration, Visualization, Collaboration” “CDD Vision: A […]

  • CDD Library Selection
    Genentech & UCSF Ponder Optimal Library Selection for Drug Discovery May 5, 2016

    Join us for CDD’s 2nd Town Hall Webinar, “Optimal Library Selection for Drug Discovery” Researchers agree that selecting the best libraries for optimizing their drug discovery is a vital part of the process. Unfortunately, this is likely where most agreement ends. Even the idea that scientists should avoid so-called “Dark Chemical Matter” compounds seems controversial. […]

Ruo Steensma headshot
Dr. Ruo Steensma, Orphagen Pharmaceuticals

"We had Excel sheets all over the place and data from different projects that were just separated in different folders and after a while, it got to the point that it was just hard to manage. We chose CDD, and we’re really happy with the service and the cost and the way the database is evolving."

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