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    An integrated lab inventory management system for your samples, compounds, and reagents.

    Track everything

    Now you won’t need to worry about remembering where you kept those tubes of samples or when to restock that reagent.

    • Improve housekeeping

      Save hours of going through freezers looking for a sample. 



    • See what you have

      Don’t plan and experiment only to find out you don’t have the necessary materials. Get ahead of the game with Inventory.



    • Share the lab better

       With multiple teams sharing lab resoucres, you can avoid surprises by making sure all users log their material usage in CDD Vault.









    Key capabilities

    Tracking chemicals

    Capture compound details like chemist, vendor, date, purity, location and even analytical data files. Avoid bottlenecks and pre-order compounds before they run out.

    Tracing quantity & location

    Allocate resources, automatically calculate the amounts remaining, and easily find where all your entities are stored.

    Sample management

    Accurately track your inventory from parent entities, unique batches, down to individual containers with the flexible data architecture in CDD Vault.

    Barcode generation

    Track your inventory much more efficiently with barcodes. CDD Vault assigns unique alphanumeric strings and easily retrieves one or many resources from a single search.

    Watch a Demo

    • For Biologists

      HubSpot Video


    • For Chemists

      HubSpot Video


    HubSpot Video


    HubSpot Video


    Redbrick selected CDD Vault because it fulfilled all our technical specifications, was user-friendly and inherently flexible.


    Managing Director, Redbrick Molecular

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    Our friendly team will show you how easy it is to enhance your data workflow with CDD Vault.