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    A solution for the whole team

    Your entire organization benefits from the CDD Vault platform through cost savings, better compliance, and increased productivity.
    Research Scientist

    Increase research productivity via a central data portal for timely reporting, publications, grants, and collaborations. Enhance project team coordination through efficient storage, analysis, integration, and data sharing.


    Reduce the burden on IT budget and personnel through a hosted software solution that is easy to implement and requires virtually no maintenance.


    Ease legal/regulatory compliance by ensuring data is accessible and available for audits in combination with data security that exceeds industry standards.

    Executive Leadership

    Facilitate effective decision making across research programs via a central data repository, enabling allocation of resources across internal project teams and effective collaboration with external partners.


    Maximize investment potential through a fully supported software solution that is easy to implement, cost-effective to maintain, and facilitates data transfer in response to company acquisition or reorganization.

    Startup Founder

    Share your vision through a central web-based portal that improves data accessibility for key stakeholders, while protecting your intellectual properties in a single source of truth.


    Critical Data Considerations for Biotech

    In this whitepaper, we look at the key lifecycle stages of biotech companies, and demonstrate how the CDD Vault technology can help you from rapid startup, through discovery, collaboration, and commercialization/exiting—all while providing the industry-leading security required to protect your priceless intellectual property.

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    Getting CDD Vault at an early stage pays dividends. Among other things, having clean data that is easily shareable is very valuable down the road when it's time to form partnerships with other organizations.


    Director of Informatics & IT, Casma Therapeutics

    CDD Vault anticipates the way people will do their science and makes importing data as easy as possible. In other systems, I knew the backend was powerful but needed to be a NASA engineer to customize the front end. CDD is set up from ground up to be the most intuitive interface possible. We’ve saved about 1 week worth of time already in six months of using CDD Vault, which frees people up to focus on the science rather than dealing with the IT backend.


    CEO, Treventis Corporation

    CDD Vault provides a centralized system where the entire team can view and compare compounds side by side. We can focus on meaningful discussions and not worry about data being in different places. It's also easy to put together presentations for investors because all the data is already there.


    Senior Scientist, Kurome Therapeutics

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