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    A dynamic analysis tool for large data sets to find interesting patterns, activity hotspots, and outliers.

    Visualize your science

    Data analysis doesn’t have to be complicated. Enjoy the convenience of CDD Vault’s built-in, easy-to-use suite of analytical tools.

    • Glean insights from data

      A picture is worth a thousand words. Get more out of your data by graphing, coloring, and filtering to identify the most promising leads.



    • Simplify data analysis

      Access key data analysis functionalties that you need most often, right here in CDD Vault where your data is kept.



    • Generate high quality graphs

      Export visually appealing, high resolution graphs in various formats for publication or presentation. 



    • Share your insights

      Once you identify an interesting pattern or lead, the Visualization session can be saved and shared with colleagues.











    Key capabilities

    Interactive graphing

    Mine your data for hits, outliers and interesting relationships with interactive, dynamic histograms and scatterplots, complete with color coding and statistics.

    Filtering and sorting

    Large data sets can be filtered, sorted, and clustered by properties and experimental results, helping you identify what you are looking for.

    Property calculations

    Set up equations to automatically calculate derived results. Easily and routinely generate summary information, normalized activity, and compound selectivity.

    Visual comparison

    Compare up to four visualizations side-by-side. Look at the same data from different perspectives. Dynamically vary X/Y plotting, color and size mappings.

    Watch a Demo

    • For Biologists


    • For Chemists




    CDD Vault presents data and associated tools that capture the relationship between chemical structure and biological activity. Structure-Activity Relationship (SAR) data substantially improve the distributed drug discovery process.


    Pfizer, Retired, CDD Scientific Advisory Board

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