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    The User-Centric Informatics Platform

    CDD Vault helps research teams manage, analyze, and present data, all through an intuitive user interface accessible from any web browser.

    An out-of-the-box solution that puts users in the driver seat

    Many scientific applications try to incorporate as many features as possible, resulting in clunky and error prone software. Our philosophy is to develop streamlined software that simplify data complexities for our users while enhancing collaboration and security. 

    Intuitive system

    Say goodbye to clunky software with bloated features that don't work. CDD Vault is easy to use for everyday scientists with elegantly designed functionalities that accomplish exactly what you want.

    Minimal IT Requirement

    Save your time for making discoveries, not maintaining servers and programming databases. CDD Vault is a hosted, out-of-the-box solution that makes it a breeze to administer for any organization.

    Best-in-class support

    Tired of talking to incompetent tech support and going in circles? At CDD, all of our support scientists are experts who can address your problems in a timely manner. 

    Seamless integration

    At CDD, we don't pretend to be everything for everyone. We provide a RESTful API with clear documentation to enable you to integrate with other applications in your workflow.

    See It in Action

    • Demo For Biologists

    • Demo For Chemists

    I have evaluated different systems during my 25 years in the biotech industry. For us, the main factor in choosing CDD Vault was the ease of implementation—how intuitive and easy the system is to use.

    Julio Medina, PhD

    CEO, R2M Pharma

    Activity & Registration

    Store, organize, and compare your data with ease. Share and collaborate securely across project teams.

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    Electronic Lab Notebook

    Capture experiments digitally and collaboratively. Easily archive and search all of your experimental results.

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    Generate beautiful graphs from your data. Analyze data assets to find interesting patterns, activity hotspots, and outliers.

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    Keep track of the location and quantity of lab materials, whether it be samples, compounds, reagents, or consumables.

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    Ready to get started?

    Our friendly team will show you how easy it is to enhance your data workflow with CDD Vault.