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    About Collaborative Drug Discovery

    cdd mission

    Our mission

    CDD’s mission is to provide an unparalleled software experience for humanitarian & commercial collaborative research and discovery, and we achieve it by focusing on our people, values, goals, innovation, and technology. At CDD, our greatest asset is our collaborative team. We're committed to customer success because when you succeed, the whole world benefits.

    Our history

    CDD was established in 2004 when founder & CEO Barry Bunin was an entrepreneur in residence at Eli Lilly & Co. Our flagship product, CDD Vault, was designed to address the problem of inefficient data management in the field of biological and chemical research. Over the years, we have been able to significantly expand the capabilities of our platform as well as its user base. True to our name, CDD Vault is helping hundreds of organizations and thousands of scientists globally collaborate more effectively every day. 

    A message from our CEO

    In this video, Dr. Barry Bunin, founder and CEO, answers questions about CDD and our vision in an interview.

    CDD Milestones

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