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    ELN no shade

    Electronic Lab Notebook

    An ELN integrated directly with the chemical and biological assay data repositories and our full analysis and visualization environment.

    Digitally capture your unstructured data

    ELN is superior to paper and pen when it comes to real-time collaboration, information searching, and regulatory compliance.

    • Record experiments

      Document your research using text, tables, images, and files. Include product synthesis, assay development, and other diverse content. Add your observations inline.



    • Find it fast

      Search and filter through your CDD Vault ELN entries. They are print friendly when you need a physical copy in the laboratory.



    • Collaborate in real-time

      Collaborate on CDD Vault notebook entries, share annotations and mentor your teammates in real-time. You can customize ELN forms to enforce your business rules within your team.



    • Protect your IP

      Your research is valuable. Protect it with legal compliance and audit tracking. Witnessing workflows ensure sufficient information is captured in each entry.











    Key capabilities

    Custom protocol templates

    Create templates to standardize experiment protocols, thereby maximizing compliance and reproducibility.

    Witnessing & audit trail

    Sign and date notebook entries electronically and lock an entry once finalized.

    Registration from ELN

    Register a new entity directly from the ELN into Activity & Registration. A link back to the ELN entry is automatically created.

    Microsoft Office Integration

    View and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files attached to an ELN entry without leaving CDD Vault

    Watch a Demo

    • For Biologists


    • For Chemists




    Continuity is a big issue in academia with so much knowledge being lost due to lab member turnover. With CDD Vault ELN, we have easy access to experiments from 5 years ago without digging through endless notebook pages. CDD is a launching pad that brings new scientists up to speed and gives them the freedom to focus on creative thinking.


    Senior Researcher, Ohio State University

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