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    Activity & Registration

    A modern web application for your chemical and biological registration, assay data management, and SAR analysis.

    Single source of truth for your data

    • Replace the spreadsheets

      A purpose-built registration system like CDD Vault offers numerous functional and security advantages over spreadsheets when it comes to storing structured scientific data.

      replace spreadsheets


    • Break down data silos

      CDD Vault is both chemically and biologically intelligent, making it an ideal platform for scientists across disciplines to work together for maximal efficiency. 

      break data silo


    • Analyze and report

      Generate dose-response curves, plate statistics, and assay quality metrics; collate properties of interest in a single report and share results with your team.

      analyze report


    • Build your workflows

      CDD Vault’s RESTful API allows automated data flow to/from other applications to complete your data capture and data analysis workflows.

      build workflows


    replace spreadsheets


    break data silo


    analyze report


    build workflows


    Key capabilities

    Multi-entity registration

    Register small molecules, plasmids, peptides, cells, reagents, or even mixtures. 

    Multi-parameter search

    Save time and easily find what you are looking for by filtering data with multiple criteria.

    User-defined fields

    Create your unique Vault for your unique work by creating any number of custom fields at will. 

    Flexible data structure

    Partition data into multiple Projects and Vaults while maintaining relationship between entities.

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    • For Biologists


    • For Chemists


    • For Assay Scientists





    The Vault’s powerful and flexible system not only facilitates rapid compound registration from our external medicinal chemistry teams but also seamlessly integrates this information with a wide range of in vitro and in vivo testing results. This enables rapid assessment of the developing SAR across multiple dimensions; everyone appreciates how well the system works while requiring virtually no internal IT support.


    Senior Director of Medicinal Chemistry, Arkuda Therapeutics

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