Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)

CDD Vault electronic lab notebook animated screen

CDD Vault is the ultimate electronic lab notebook, integrated directly with the chemical and biological assay data repositories and our full analysis and visualization environment. Designed for project teams, you can archive and search all of your experiments with ease and collaborate securely.



Document your research using text, tables, images, and files. Include product synthesis, assay development, and other diverse content. Add your observations inline.

Work together


Collaborate on CDD Vault notebook entries, share annotations and mentor your teammates in real-time. You can customize ELN forms to enforce your business rules within your team.



Search and filter through your CDD Vault ELN entries. They are print friendly when you need a physical copy in the laboratory.



Your research is valuable. Protect it with legal compliance and audit tracking. Witnessing workflows ensure sufficient information is captured in each entry.

SCOTT THACHER, PHD CEO, Orphagen Pharmaceuticals


CEO, Orphagen Pharmaceuticals

“We looked at many options for a chemistry database.  CDD is an economical and effective solution: the flexible web-based interface without the need for internal IT support fits our small company requirements very well.  And CDD is fun to work with.”