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    August 8, 2018

    CDD Teams up with DDTD in the 2018-2019 CDD Vault Referral Program

    Share your delight with CDD and help discover new treatments and diagnostics for neglected tropical diseases

    CDD has teamed up with Drugs & Diagnostics for Tropical Diseases (DDTD) to help spread the word about the CDD Vault platform to your colleagues while at the same time supporting DDTD's efforts to "eliminate diseases that do not belong in the 21st century".

      CDD will donate $100 to DDTD for each colleague you introduce to us!

    If you are happy with Collaborative Drug Discovery and the CDD Vault platform, then you probably know colleagues who’d also benefit. Simply email your recommendation to a colleague directly and CC us at referrals@collaborativedrug.com or use this simple referral form.

    Marco Biamonte, the Founder and President of DDTD believes that the first step in the process of eliminating a disease is to develop a means to detect it. Mapping the presence of a disease is critical for the WHO and its affiliates to initiate mass drug administration programs, allocate resources, monitor progress and eventually verify elimination of the disease.
    DDTD Charity
    Drugs and Diagnostics for Tropical Disease

    DDTD's current focus is on Loiasis, also known as African eye worm or Loa loa. This disease affects over 10 million people, predominantly in forested areas of West and Central Africa. DDTD has developed the first rapid lateral flow immunoassay for Loa loa. This test is easy to use and can be enlisted for epidemiology purposes and as a population surveillance tool.

    Refer a Colleague to CDD !

    Only CDD Vault customers can refer a colleague to the platform and initiate a contribution to DDTD. If you are not currently a customer this is an easy problem to fix. Just go to the Free Trial banner below and schedule your trial.

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