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    September 23, 2011

    CDD Vault Update: A Single-Page QC Report

    The most critical decision you have to make when importing data in CDD is whether you should commit the data or not. The previous version of the report gave you access to all the information but it did a bad job highlighting the important facts that should drive your decision. The new single-page report groups events by type and places them in one of the following categories: Noteworthy, Suspicious, Errors, and, in some rare circumstances, Ambiguous.


    If an event type looks unexpected or interesting, you can expand its section to reveal a brief description as well as the first 10 associated records from your file. If you want to inspect all the associated records, you can download a file by clicking the link under the preview table.


    When a data import has a small number of errors and rejected records, you can still commit the clean records. After this is done, you can download all of the rejected records at once in order to fix them.


    With this release, we have also improved the message that is displayed throughout the Vault whenever a data import is in progress. The total number of records in the file, the completion percentage, the number of errors, and number of suspicious events detected are now displayed. This information provides better visibility into what is going on with your import.


    As usual, if you notice any issues with your data or have feedback, please contact support.

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