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    August 30, 2021

    CDD Vault Update (August 2021[#2]): Update to Import Data Wizard, ELN Filters, and More Data Visualization Features

    In the mid 70s, American disco artist Andrea True asked the world, "How do you like it?"... and the world answered, "More, More, More"! I can't help but believe that our Dev team has adopted this disco classic as their anthem, always delivering us "More, More, More" new features! (We hope you enjoy these!)

    launch visualization button Once again, the Dev team brings us an impressive list of new Visualization features, starting with a popular feature requested by many users, a color-coded data table! Remember, the data table can be expanded to full screen to digest a number of rows at once. The ability to use additional shapes in a scatterplot is now available from the settings menu. Here, you’ll find a “Shapes” section where you can assign different shapes to numeric ranges. Missing data can be a bit misleading when setting new filters and additional parameters. If a record is missing a value for a parameter that has been added as a filter or assigned as a variable, an orange circle with an exclamation point will appear in the top right corner. This orange circle is your hint that molecules have been filtered out from your display and data table due to missing values. Never fear, the records are still accessible by clicking the orange circle. To pave the way for future capabilities to import additional registration types, the classic 3 radio buttons listing the types of data being imported via the Import Data Wizard have been replaced by a handy drop-down selection menu.  This drop-down is presented during the 1st stage of Step 2 where you map your fields from the import data file into the various fields and readouts within your Vault.  For now, the available options remain the same; however, a selection must be made from this drop-down prior to mapping any fields. Mapping templates are still offered and automatically selected as before so no additional steps are necessary. Users tend to perform the same types of tasks repeatedly and usually prefer when CDD Vault remembers customizations made during a previous session. (After all, we are nothing if not creatures of habit!) Sometimes, though, this can give us a shock when we don’t see what we typically expect.   A prime example of this comes about when using the filters to customize which ELN entries are shown in the main ELN tab. These filters are the BEST but we might be surprised if we’ve previously used filters to narrow our view of available ELN entries. To avoid this surprise, a more prominent message reminds us that filters are, indeed, in place.
    Of course, you may click on the filters icon on the left side of the search box, or on any of the existing filters to update or remove them.

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