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    July 27, 2018

    CDD Vault Update: CDD’s 2018 Back To School List of Features!

    It’s Back to School season and we all know that means a lot of new goodies are being gathered to ensure a successful new year. To ensure our customers are not left out, CDD has filled your CDD Vault with several new features designed to ensure your continued success! ELN Search/Insert Existing CDD Objects into your ELN Entries 1. Search/Insert Existing Runs of Protocols You’ve been searching for and inserting links to existing Molecules and Protocols within your ELN entries already but now we’ve added the ability to search for and insert a link to a specific Run of Protocol data. CDD_ELN_SearchInsertRun 2. Display Structures for Existing Molecules Inserted into your ELN You asked, we delivered... When you search for an existing Molecule and insert a link to that Molecule within your ELN entry, you can now choose to display that Molecule’s chemical structure. In fact, you may now choose between 3 display options: (1) the Molecule ID, (2) any custom text you wish to provide, or (3) the chemical structure. CDD_ELN_SearchInsertRun To make this extra special, when you choose to display the structure of your linked Molecules, they will be indexed and fully sub-structure searchable within your ELN. Chemical Structure Display ACS style guide According to the ACS Style Guide the “… communication of chemical structures is inherently visual, so the language of both chemistry and biochemistry would be sparse without the ability to accurately represent chemistry in a graphical format.” So, they developed a set of recommended guidelines for representing chemical structures. Since these guidelines are widely adopted by scientific journals, we’ve incorporated them into CDD Vault. Display Projects for Molecules & Batches in the Search Results Table When displaying Molecules and/or Batches in your Search Results Table, it is now possible to add columns displaying their Project assignments. CDD_ELN_SearchInsertRun CDD Support Email CDD Vault is recognized as a safe and secure way to collaborate with your colleagues. The Message Board (Envelope tab) feature allows users to post messages to other Vault users, while leaving any attachments safe and secure within the CDD Vault Message Board. With this release, there is a new option to email the CDD Support team directly within your CDD Vault Message Board. CDD_ELN_SearchInsertRun As always, feel free to contact CDD Support for assistance.

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