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    December 17, 2021

    CDD Vault Update (December 2021[#2]): A New Protocol Index Page and Default Display of Protocol Readouts

    CDD wishes everyone a Happy Holiday. To get you in the holiday spirit, here's a quote from the 2021 CDD Holiday Poem: Through online collaboration, science has won Yet the full potential has barely begun

    Protocol Index Tab

    Use the new “pencil” icon to customize your Explore Data > Protocols tab by selecting the precise Protocol Fields you wish to display in this top-level overview. protocol index tab Noteworthy tip:
    • Each of the column headers are clickable allowing you to sort your list of Protocols.
    • The Search Molecules column provides a link to view all data for a given Protocol on the search page.
    • The display and sort order are automatically saved on a per user basis.

    Default Display of Selected Protocol Readouts

    Users creating (or editing) Protocol definitions may set which readout definitions are displayed, by default, when any user queries their Protocol. To set these defaults:
    • navigate to the Protocol Details tab for a Protocol and scroll down to the “Readout Definitions” panel,
    • expand the "Default Display Options" section, and
    • click the "Edit default display options" link.
    Noteworthy tip:
    • Individual users may still set their personal Protocol Defaults using the Settings > User > Protocol Defaults Any default readout display set by a user in this tab will overwrite the Protocol-level defaults.
    • If you have already set personal Protocol Defaults, you can remove these by navigating to the Settings > User > Protocol Defaults tab and clicking the “Edit Protocol Defaults” button. While in edit mode, remove all readouts from each specific Protocol display.

    Use Saved Searches to Query Multiple Protocols Using Protocol Fields

    The use of Protocol Fields to query across multiple Protocols allows users to quickly retrieve a group of results. Create a Saved Search to bring back the latest results in a single click, and share Saved Searches with fellow project members to facilitate conversations and highlight important results. The full list of Saved Searches can be found in the Explore Data > Saved Searches tab, simply click the “Show Details” link to see the specific criteria and display options. Use Saved Searches to Query Multiple Protocols Using Protocol Fields

    GET Protocols API Call Includes Protocol Fields

    The GET Protocols API call now includes a “Protocol Fields” section in the resulting JSON.
        GET https://app.collaborativedrug.com/api/v1/vaults/123/protocols/987
         "protocol_fields": {
                "Category": "In vivo",
                "Description": "Activity assayed with 4T1-luc cells.",
                "Instrument": "SpectraMax L microplate reader",
                "Detection Method": "Biolunimescence",
                "SOP Version": "1.1"

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