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    March 30, 2018

    CDD Vault Update: ELN and API Enhancements Focused on Collaborations

    Henry Ford once said, " Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." CDD is proud to announce this Spring-time release of CDD Vault that delivers ELN and API enhancements to make working together within the CDD Vault platform a true success! Duplicate ELN Entries Sometimes, scientific research involves reproducibly performing repetitive or related tasks. With this release, the CDD Vault ELN simplifies the documentation and sharing of closely related results. Now, you can duplicate existing ELN entries, which can be subsequently edited and expanded as needed. Say, for example, you create a collection of "template" ELN entries that document your typical workflows. Then, you can duplicate one of these "template" ELN entries whenever you initiate a new experiment, and edit the new ELN entry with the specific details of your current experiment. Reference Other ELN Entries Drug Discovery research takes you down exciting and twisting trails that often intersect one another. When these intersections occur, you can easily cross-reference information within the CDD Vault ELN by pasting a link from one ELN entry into other ELN entries. With this release, when you paste a url/link to another ELN entry into your current ELN entry, the link automatically updates to display the other entry’s title. (Of course, the link is still active and clicking the link will take you to the cross-referenced ELN entry.) CDD_ELN_CrossRef Names of Cross-Linked Protocols are Searchable within the ELN One of the collaborative benefits of the CDD Vault ELN is the ability to reference various objects from CDD Vault within ELN entries. For example, Runs of data can be created in CDD Vault directly from an ELN entry. Also, the url for a Run can be added directly to an ELN entry. With this ELN release, when Runs of Protocol data are cross-referenced within an ELN entry, the name of the CDD Vault Protocol is displayed and is also fully searchable within the ELN tab. CDD_ELN_SearchingCrossLinked Exports Include File Names of File Attachments Attaching files to a variety of data objects within CDD Vault is a popular feature. Files may be attached to Molecules, Batch Fields, and/or Readouts (just to name a few). When you perform a query, you are able to display these file attachments in your search results table, and subsequently export this table to an XLS, CSV or SDF file. Previously, this export contained the url link for each file attachment and (when possible) a thumbnail image of the file. With this release, the export will also contain the name of each file attachment. CDD_ELN_CrossRef API Returns Linked ELN Entries When issuing Get HTTP calls via the CDD Vault API, the JSON returned will now include the appropriate ELN entries linked to the objects returned (for example, Batches or Runs of Protocol data). CDD_ELN_CrossRef Extended Timestamps are now Returned via the API The JSON returned by most API calls contains timestamp information. For example, a GET Molecule API call will return JSON containing dates for when the Molecule was created and last updated. With this release, the format of these timestamps returned within the API JSON code is expanded to the full ISO 8601 format. Prior to this release, the timestamp format returned in the API JSON was a simple date, in UTC:
    • "created_at"=>"2016-02-24"
    • "modified_at"=>"2017-07-24"
    The new timestamp format will use the full ISO 8601 format, still in UTC:
    • "created_at"=>"2016-02-24T23:19:45.000Z"
    • "modified_at"=>"2017-07-24T18:48:24.000Z"
    CDD_ELN_Duplicate Also, for your reference, the documentation for the CDD Vault API has received a make-over and can be found in our Support Portal Knowledgebase. As always, feel free to contact CDD Support for assistance.

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