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    November 20, 2009

    CDD Vault Update: Export dose-response plots to Excel

    This release wraps up a series of releases focused on data import. We have also included a couple highly requested smaller features (the top two below). The next major feature we plan to tackle before the end of the year is scatter plots. Contact support for a preview.

    Export dose-response plots to Excel

    We are happy to deliver this highly requested feature in this release. For all dose-response protocols, dose-response plots are now included in Excel exports of search results by default.

    Date picker

    We have added a date picker (a popup calendar that allows you to select a date) for the selection of batch and run dates. You can still enter batch and run dates manually in an adjoining text field using a variety of date formats. European date formats are not yet supported.

    Cancel a data import in progress

    If you start a data import and then realize that you've made a mistake mapping your file, in Step 4 of the Import Data workflow you can now stop the data import midstream and go back and fix the problem. This is also useful if you want to cancel a long-running data import to run it at a more convenient time (e.g. when other members of your group aren't using your Vault).

    Default user-defined field values during data import

    We have enhanced Import Data functionality to allow you to augment data in your file with additional fields that all imported molecules (or batches) have in common. It is now possible to add a common user-defined field to all molecules in your file, e.g. Source or Project Code. See the default values section near the bottom of the page in Step 2 of the Import Data workflow.

    Default batch field values during data import (Only for vaults using CDD's "registration system" module)

    Vaults using CDD's "registration system" module can also use the default values section near the bottom of the Import Data Step 2 page to set  batch date, person and vendor for all newly registered batches in a file. This facilitates the registration of molecules and batches from vendor-supplied SD files, which do not contain this information.

    Import Data Step 4 improvements

    We have reorganized the presentation of information in Step 4 of the Import Data workflow. To make it clearer that a data import has errors or warnings, we now display the list of errors or warnings by default if there are any, rather than having the user click on the relevant subtab. The Step 4 page now reloads automatically when the data import is complete, refreshing the display of all information on the page, so that you do not need to reload the page continually to check. We made a number of other design changes to make the information presentation clearer. If you have any questions, please  contact support.

    Autopopulate username

    For your convenience when logging in, if you make a mistake entering your password the login form will retain the username you entered so you don't have to retype it. We do the same with the forgot password form (after a login failure).

    Minor fixes and enhancements

    We fixed a bug that led to incorrect search results when searching for readouts equal to negative values. Privately-shared data sets are now displayed in reverse chronological order. Molecule images no longer have distorted aspect ratio in Excel exports.

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