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    May 31, 2013

    CDD Vault Update: Gargantuan Summer Update!

    In this colossal release we introduce e-mail alerts, reference compound controls with plot overlays, an improved run summary for quality control, and new site navigation.

    E-mail Alerts

    Now you can automatically be notified when new results are added to CDD. These alerts are fully configurable, so you have control over the types of events that trigger e-mail notification, their frequency, and the amount of detail included in the e-mail. By default you will receive a weekly summary for all of the projects you participate in.


    To change or opt out of alerts, just go to your Manage tab and click on Alerts (the e-mails will also include a convenient link to that page). To read all the details, including how vault administrators can control what is disclosed in the emails, see our support article on alerts.

    Run Summary Page for Better Quality Control

    The Data Summary tab of the Run page has been reorganized, with a focus on plate quality control statistics. If a plate doesn't measure up, you can now delete an entire plate’s worth of data without leaving the page.


    • Average values from all runs of the protocol are included in the table headers for comparison
    • Plate Z’ factors appear in the first column, drawing attention to any problematic plates
    • Positive and negative control average values are only shown for raw data
    • A delete link for the data from each plate. Clicking on this link will delete all results from the specified plate in this run, but will NOT delete the plate compound map, or data from other runs.

    Site Navigation

    This is a first of several navigation updates, with a focus on reporting, communication, and streamlined vault administration.


    Settings is only available to Vault administrators, and includes 3 sub-tabs, formerly located under “Manage Vault”. The Messages tab is marked by an envelope, with an alert to show unread messages


    Reports have moved from the Dashboard, and include two sub-tabs: Stats, formerly known as “Reports” tab on the Dashboard, and Activity log, which will be updated over time to allow customized activity reports. Currently the Activity log shows all import and update events from the past month.


    Manage replaces “Manage Projects” for most users and “Manage Vault” for Vault administrators. This is where you want to go to view and edit the members of your vaults and projects. Also, this is where you set up Alerts! The Dashboard has been streamlined, since Messages and Reports now have their own top-level tabs.

    Reference Compound: the Gold Standard

    If you run a standard or reference molecule on dose-response plates, you can now designate this as a control type on your plate layout, and overlay the reference dose-response curve on all test compound plots.


    Reference Molecule

    A reference molecule, also referred to as a benchmark, is typically a known molecule that's been tested in a particular assay many times and demonstrates reproducible activity. Therefore it can be used as an assay quality metric.

    Data Normalization

    If you want to use reference molecule data for data normalization, you MUST designate it as a positive control instead.

    Dose-Response Curve Overlay

    In dose-response assays, CDD will overlay the reference molecule curve on each of the sample plots for that run. In the absence of a reference compound, the positive control curve will be overlaid, if it is available.


    You can learn more about dose-response setup and analysis in the Dose-Response Toolkit.

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