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    July 29, 2020

    CDD Vault Update (July 2020): Create and Delete Files via the API and Use Single Sign On (SSO) to Access Your CDD Vault

    CDD wishes all our customers a safe and happy Summer!

    CDD Vault API Now Allows GET, POST and DELETE Calls for File Attachments

    CDD Vault users attach files to various objects within the CDD Vault platform. These attached files may be retrieved or deleted via the CDD Vault Application Programmable Interface (API). Additionally, new files can now be attached to Runs, Protocol definitions and Molecules using API calls. As an example, you may attach a file to a Run of Protocol using the following API call:
    POST /api/v1/vaults/<vault_id>/files
    An example curl command demonstrates how to attach a file to Runs, Protocol definitions and Molecules.
    curl -H "X-CDD-Token: $TOKEN" -X POST --form
    "file=@C:\files\<file_name>" --form "resource_class=run" --form
    Note: The allowed resource_class values for the POST Files API call are Run, Protocol or Molecule. The above curl command would return this result:
    "id": "1069448044"
    "name": "<file_name>"
    Please see the CDD Vault Support Portal Knowledgebase article for additional details.

    CDD Vault Supports Single Sign On (SSO) Authentication

    CDD Vault can now be configured to use a customer’s single sign-on (SSO) solution. Once enabled, the traditional password-based login to CDD Vault is disabled for all users. The customer will have complete control over user authentication: they can configure their SSO solution to enforce whatever controls are desired, including IP restrictions, second-factor challenges or physical security keys.

    What your team needs from CDD

    • Entity ID:
    • Assertion Consumer Service (ACS) URL:

    What CDD needs from your team - to configure your Identity Provider (iDP)

    To enable SSO, users cannot belong to CDD Vaults managed by another company. All users must be authenticated by the company’s SSO system. Additional user accounts are required to access Vaults managed by more than one company.

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