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    June 14, 2019

    CDD Vault Update (June 2019): Workflow for Editing Finalized ELN Entries


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    If you agree with author Shaun Hick when he said, “Knowledge is too final”, then the CDD Development Team has built a new feature with you in mind.  

    Announcing the ability to open a Finalized ELN entry for additional editing.

    ELN Reactions with Interactive Stoichiometry Tables

    CDD Vault ELN users may now draw and insert reactions and stoichiometry tables into CDD Vault ELN entries. Draw reactions directly within CDD Vault using the Marvin JS structure editor. Once enabled, stoichiometry tables are automatically added whenever a reaction is inserted into an entry.

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      Reopening Finalized ELN Entries

      CDD Vault ELN entries that have been finalized may now be reopened for additional editing by the CDD Vault Administrator. A Vault Administrator can click on the lock icon (  ) at the top of the ELN entry to reopen an ELN entry. The Administrator is then asked to confirm the task.

      [caption id="attachment_15099" align="aligncenter" width="460"]screen grab of Entry re-open administrator confirmation screen Administrator asked to confirm entry re-open request.[/caption]

      If a non-Administrator user attempts to reopen a finalized ELN entry, s/he is informed to contact the Vault Administrator(s).

      [caption id="attachment_15098" align="aligncenter" width="896"]Screen capture of message to non-administrative user attempting to reopen entry Regular users directed to contact administrator to reopen closed re-entry[/caption]

      This reopening of a finalized ELN entry is included in the entry’s Audit Trail.

      [caption id="attachment_15097" align="aligncenter" width="454"]screen grab of ELN entry audit trail Re-opened entry activity recorded in the entry's audit trail[/caption]

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