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    October 9, 2019

    CDD Vault Update (October 2019): Sort and Customize the ELN Index Page

    French mathematician, physicist, & philosopher, Blaise Pascal, once noted "Custom is our nature."

    "1" list icon for CDD Vault ELN Blog Posts Customizing ELN Index Page

    Each user can now customize the columns of information that display on the ELN index page. Users can choose to display any combination of ELN meta-data and customer-defined ELN fields as columns.

    Screenshot of edited CDD ELN index page
    Insert custom columns on your CDD ELN Index with page

     To create your custom display, click the Edit Columns pencil icon at the top-right side of your ELN index page.

    Screenshot of customized ELN index page
    To begin customizing your index page simply click the "Edit Columns" pencil icon on the index page

    A list of available ELN fields are shown. Simply click the ones you wish to display in the desired order and the table will dynamically update. Click anywhere outside of the list when done and your options will persist even if you navigate away or log out. When many fields are selected, a horizontal scroll bar will appear above the table.

      Noteworthy tips:

    1. Columns are added in the order you clicked.
    2. As you click a column to be displayed, it will turn grey to indicate that column is selected.
    3. Click a grey column to de-select that column.

    "2" list icon for CDD Vault ELN Blog Posts Sorting the ELN Index Page

    Sort ELN entries by clicking on the appropriate column header. The sort order, ascending or descending, can be reversed by clicking on the column header again.

    Screenshot of ELn index page illustrating how to sort column content
    To sort column data, click a column header. Then click the arrow to sort by ascending or descending order.

    Noteworthy Tips:

    Easily manage your own unique ELN IDs (e.g. Initials-Book-Page #):

    1. First, create an ELN field that “must be unique”.
    2. Then use the sort feature to easily see the last ID used.
    3. CDD Vault will always check for uniqueness as soon as the new ID is entered into the subsequent entry.

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