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    September 13, 2019

    CDD Vault Update (September 2019 [#2]): Filter ELN Entries by Date and Custom Fields, and a Revised Reaction Component Nomenclature within Stoichiometry Tables

    list icon for CDD Vault ELN Blog Posts Filtering ELN Entries via Customer-Defined ELN Fields

    CDD Vault ELN users may now filter their ELN entries from the main ELN tab using any combination of the default ELN elements (ID, Author, Title, Status, and Witness), dates (created, modified, submitted, finalized) and the customer-defined ELN fields.

    Filter ELN entries by user defined ELN fields
    Now filter ELN entries using your own custom-defined ELN fields

    Data Type-specific filtering is also available.  For example, for ELN Fields that are created as Date fields, the filtering dialog provides a calendar widget so users can interactively select dates to filter over a specific date range. Filtering Pick List type ELN fields will present the user with a drop-down list of available values for filtering.

      Noteworthy Tips:

    • Filtering by date modified will filter over any modifications made in the ELN entry (not just the most recent modified date)

    "2" list icon for CDD Vault ELN Blog Posts Names of Reaction Components are Unified within ELN Stoichiometry Tables

    The order of the Name column within a reaction stoichiometry table is now unified across the various types of components (reactants, reagents, and products).  For any reaction component, the Name will now appear as:

    1. Name – editable name chosen by the user
    2. Molecule – Molecule ID from CDD Vault (if registered)
    3. IUPAC – IUPAC Name
    4. CAS-RN – CAS Number
    Image of CDD ELN screen showing reaction component names unified wihtin ELN s component names are now unified within ELN Stoichiometry Tables
    Reaction component names are now unified within ELN Stoichiometry Tables

      Noteworthy tips:

    • If a component does not exist in the user’s CDD Vault, the Register button now appears on the 2nd (Molecule) line while in edit mode.
    • By default, for components that exist in CDD Vault, the Name shown on line 1 will default to the term used to search for the component.  Of course, the user can customize the text shown on line 1 to display whatever text is desired.
    • If a user wishes to change the Batch associated with a reaction component, s/he can click on the Molecule line and either choose from the existing Batches or click the Register button to register a new Batch of the Molecule into CDD Vault.

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