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    February 12, 2016

    CDD Vault Update: Software Upgrade

    Today's release brings a major upgrade to the software stack that CDD Vault runs on top of. This allows us to maintain good application security and paves the way for upcoming features. It was a massive amount of work, but if we did everything right you won't notice a difference.

    Overwrite a saved search

    One of the visible updates  in this release is overwriting saved searches, which you can do using the same method used for collections .
    1. When you have the search terms and report options configured, click on "save this search".
    2. Enter the name of the existing search you wish to replace, and when prompted agree that you indeed agree to overwrite existing saved search.
    We have some more platform upgrades to do, and we are working on some major new features to bring you later in the year—stay tuned.

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