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    November 16, 2009

    New Software Release and 3rd Annual Community Meeting Showcase CDD’s Cloud Based Drug Discovery Application Coming of Age

    CDD is proud to announce the release of the third generation of their widely used web-based software platform, aptly dubbed “CDD3”. Anticipating the acceptance of cloud-based collaborative software as an industry standard, CDD has pioneered this field since its first generation software was released five years ago.

    The new platform focuses on adding novel features as well as improving on previous releases. The first look at CDD3 was presented to the public in person by Kellan Gregory, Head of Community Interests at the 3rd Annual CDD – UCSF Community Meeting held October 1st.

    When asked what customers can expect from CDD in the future, Moses Hohman, Ph.D., VP of Development at CDD offered, “We are not resting on our laurels. We fully intend to build on our first-to-market advantage with CDD3 and will continue to innovate. We are excited about the year to come. You can count on CDD to bring you state-of-the-art technology for drug discovery years ahead of the rest of the market.”

    When asked about current trends in the market, Barry Bunin, Ph.D., CEO of CDD commented, “Some people say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And yes, it does give us a small sense of validation when we hear in 2009 that many other companies are following our lead and providing hosted solutions for their drug discovery applications - but we knew we were doing the right thing all along. CDD was the first to offer hosted software for drug discovery 5 years ago. We’ve been in the cloud for the longest time in our space, so we have the experience with what really works. The market is embracing the paradigm because it is better value (bang-per-buck) for customers. It is only a matter of time until it becomes the dominant trend because it is fundamentally more economical.”

    About the CDD3 platform (CDD Vault, CDD Collaborate, and CDD Public)

    CDD3 contains a completely redesigned data import workflow with templates to streamline the data upload process. The rest of the site is organized more intuitively, with a separate section for each distinct major activity. Searching and browsing molecules and protocols, once in two separate sections, are now performed in the “Explore Data” section of the application. The “Share Data” section, intuitively named, makes collaboration (without sacrificing security) a breeze. The new Dashboard brings relevant information forward immediately upon login. The release has been live for one month, with subsequent releases planned on a regular basis incorporating feedback from the growing community. CDD supports alliances, crowd-sourcing, and custom applications.

    About Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc.

    CDD (www.collaborativedrug.com) hosts the most widely used drug discovery cloud platform on the market. “CDD Vault” is the secure, private industrial-strength database combining traditional drug discovery informatics (registration and SAR) with social networking capabilities. “CDD Collaborate” enables real-time collaboration by securely exchanging selected confidential data with external researchers. “CDD Public” has unique content.

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