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    July 5, 2023

    Dutch PanCoroNed and its successor coronavirus Consortium select CDD Vault to manage their research data

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    PanCoroNed and the successor consortium aim to develop drugs to treat and prevent coronavirus related infections

    Protinhi pr logosSan Francisco, Nijmegen, Leiden, Utrecht - July 5, 2023 - The Dutch scientific research PanCoroNed consortium is dedicated to finding an effective broad-spectrum therapeutics and prophylaxis  for different coronaviruses, including the virus leading to COVID-19 pandemics. The team announced today that it has chosen CDD Vault as the informatics platform to manage and share among the member of the consortium its drug discovery data. This public-private consortium involves leading academic groups from the University of Radboud, University of Leiden Medical Center, and the University of Utrecht as well as innovation SMEs Protinhi Therapeutics and Avivia. All members of the consortium have a strong track record in drug discovery and development as well as ample knowledge in medicinal chemistry and virology that maximises the chances of success of the project.

    The consortium has a dual purpose of developing an effective treatment for the current COVID-19 strains, as well as a broad spectrum pan-corona antiviral aimed to prevent future epidemics caused by existing and emerging coronaviruses including MERS and SARS-CoV-(x). At PanCoroNed consortium, an existing library of peptidomimetic protease inhibitors (including both novel and approved drugs) with proven antiviral activity was screened to find novel compounds with potential for clinical use. The good efficacy profile established for the potential compounds in PanCoroNed consortium further enabled the main consortium members to obtain new Dutch public funding. This successor consortium focuses on progressing the preclinical development of the broad-spectrum antiviral candidates and paving way for clinical trials to validate the efficacy against different coronaviruses. This successor consortium will be a facilitator of the high-risk development of pan-corona antiviral drugs, and will accelerate the pathway of bringing novel drug to clinical use and pandemic preparedness. 

    The research data generated by the consortiums, including structures, synthesis details, and the data of biochemical, phenotypic, cellular assays and PK/PD studies for the promising compounds will be stored and managed in CDD Vault. The platform will enable seamless collaboration between the teams, thus facilitating the sharing of knowledge and speeding up the research outcomes.

    “The choosing of the targets, the thorough evaluation of lead compounds, as well as the careful selection of the promising compounds for further development requires a multiskilled team with a broad experience in all aspects of the drug discovery process. We are excited to be able to collaborate towards finding an effective tool for future pandemic preparedness against coronaviruses”, said Dr. Bernd van Buuren, CEO of Protinhi Therapeutics. “We are using CDD Vault successfully in other projects and realise that the collaborative features of the platform will help us share information and make an informed decision quicker. Having all data harmonised and consistent is key when working in multiple remote locations.”

    “The PanCoroNed consortium incorporates multiple research teams that individually are strong and together have the competences for efficient antiviral development. CDD Vault was conceived to facilitate collaborative research across geographies and disciplines while more rapidly reaching key milestones. We are delighted to support the consortium on its quest to develop optimal treatments for COVID-19 and related coronaviruses to empower proactive measures during next pandemics,” said Dr Barry Bunin, CEO of Collaborative Drug Discovery. “It is inspiring to see scientists coming together.”

    About Protinhi Therapeutics

    Protinihi Therapeutics is a preclinical-stage Dutch biopharma company dedicated to developing novel broad-spectrum antiviral drugs to treat and prevent viral infectious disease via therapeutic and prophylactic use and help prepare for future pandemics. Protinihi currently focuses on flaviviruses (e.g., dengue, Zika, West Nile), coronaviruses (e.g., SARS-CoV, SARS-CoV-2, MERS) and chikungunya, and strives for expanding to other virus families by applying its proprietary technology platform. 

    For further information, visit: https://www.protinhi.com/

    Contact Information
    Protinhi Therapeutics
    Bernd van Buuren, PhD, CEO
    +31 6 19 34 71 02

    About Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc.

    CDD's (www.collaborativedrug.com) flagship product, "CDD Vault®", is used to manage chemical registration, structure-activity relationships (SAR), and securely scale collaborations. CDD Vault® is a hosted database solution for secure management and sharing of biological and chemical data. It lets you intuitively organize chemical structures and biological study data, and collaborate with internal or external partners through an easy to use web interface. Available modules within CDD Vault include Activity & Registration, Visualization, Inventory, and ELN.

    A complete list of more than 60 publications and patents from CDD can be found online on our resources page at https://www.collaborativedrug.com/publications-and-resources/.

    Media Contact: Barry Bunin, Ph.D., Collaborative Drug Discovery, marketing@collaborativedrug.com.

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