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    February 16, 2009

    For The TB Community, CDD Software Is Free, Gratis, No Charge

    Dear CDD Community,

    Due to the overwhelming response and interest in the CDD platform and services for the Tuberculosis R&D Community following our announcement with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and presentations at the Keystone Tuberculosis conference, we are excited to inform you that we have made a major change to our policy and therefore wanted to make CDD’s policy about what we can do for free and what we would charge for crystal clear:

    1. CDD will provide the CDD software access for Tuberculosis Research for free for any researchers, anywhere around the world for the two years for which we are funded. Upon registration with us (www.collaborativedrug.com/register) we will provide an account for which researchers can securely upload their data into a private site (by default). Any TB researcher can of course also decide to share this data with other collaborators or the community at large. Use for other therapeutic areas (where we do not have a subsidy) is available at our standard commercial rates (email: info@collaborativedrug.com). TB community members will benefit from complete access to our technology and the public datasets that we are helping to curate and publish.
    2. By now making the CDD TB database available to the whole community – which is a massive undertaking – we will only be able to provide full support to these “pilot groups” for which we are funded, additional TB community members requiring our extensive support services will be charged for our value added services (training, support, scientific, computational, software – again email info@collaborativedrug.com and we’ll share with you what we can do to help with your scientific goals). CDD will however commit to provide one introductory phone call and GoToMeeting to any researcher working on Tuberculosis at no charge.

    We encourage TB community members to contact us to register, and we will be glad to answer their questions. We believe our technology and work should benefit the whole TB community globally, and this new, generous policy should facilitate this. There is now no excuse for all TB researchers not to use the technology, because it is by default private, secure and 100% free to the TB community for two years.

    — CDD


    This blog is authored by members of the CDD Vault community. CDD Vault is a hosted drug discovery informatics platform that securely manages both private and external biological and chemical data. It provides core functionality including chemical registration, structure activity relationship, chemical inventory, and electronic lab notebook capabilities!

    CDD Vault: Drug Discovery Informatics your whole project team will embrace!

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