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    July 27, 2023

    Recap of CDD Korean Community Meeting 2023

    Collaborative Drug Discovery Community Meeting brought the Korean technology and scientific communities together at the Courtyard Seoul Pangyo on July 20th, 2023. This year was special as we were able to reconnect in person once again! 

    We had an array of insightful guest speakers at our event:

    Overview picture of roster


    * With his opening lecture, Dr Taeyoung Yoon, CEO and CSO of Oscotec, guided us through the evolution of drug discovery, emphasizing the continued significance of small molecules in drug discovery.

    Dr Taeyoung Yoon


    *  Sungeun Park from SK Biopharmaceuticals captivated the audience with a compelling presentation on their successful implementation of CDD Vault, sharing valuable insights from her experience throughout the process.

    Sungeun Park


    * Dr Joonwoo Nam, Head of Medicinal Chemistry at Cyrus Therapeutics, kick-started the afternoon lectures by unveiling findings from his cutting-edge oncology research.

    Dr Joonwoo Nam


    * Dr Hanjo Kim , Senior VP and Head of Medicinal Chemistry at Standigm, took us on a journey into the world of AI-driven drug discovery, highlighting Korea's leadership in this field and Standigm's pioneering role.

    Dr Hanjo Kim


    * Dr Martin Pettersson, VP of Drug Discovery at Promedigen, discussed his work on drug discovery against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

    Martin Pettersson talk


    * Dr Eric Gifford, CDD's Business Development Manager, provided an overview of the CDD Vault informatics platform and how it can help teams organize, mine, and share drug discovery data.

    Eric Gifford talk


    * Our Technical Partner, Schrödinger, showcased the seamless integration of CDD Vault and LiveDesign during our Korean User Community Meeting, impressing all attendees with its powerful capabilities.



    * Charlie Weatherall, our Director of Customer Engagement, treated us to insightful plots and charts using the new CDD visualization tool, enhancing our understanding of complex data.



    * Lastly, Kellan Gregory, our Director of Product Excellence, revealed an exclusive world debut of CDD Vault's upcoming Inventory/Sample Management features. Our Korean community was the first to witness this exciting innovation.


    Together we learned about industry trends, discussed strategies on best practices with peers, got personalized training, listened to engaging keynotes, and networked with industry experts.

    Our community meeting garnered an excellent turnout, and we extend our thanks to each and every participant and attendee. 

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