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    October 18, 2008

    TimTec and Collaborative Drug Discovery Team Up to Provide Chemically Searchable Natural Products and Derivatives Available to the Scientific Community

    TimTec LLC., the international distributor of synthetic organic and natural compounds, and Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc. (CDD), the community based research information management enterprise, announced today that the CDD web-based software now hosts TimTec’s Natural Product Library and Natural Derivatives Library. The TimTec natural product and derivative compounds are now available as a structure searchable database in the CDD Web2.0 collaborative research information system.

    The CDD-TimTec Natural Products Library (NPL-480) and Natural Derivatives Library (NDL-3000) databases comprise almost 3,500 compounds available from TimTec. NPL-480 is a new library of 480 natural compounds composed of pure natural products as lead identifying materials. NDL-3000 elaborates on structural variety of pure natural compounds and includes synthetic compounds and synthetically modified pure natural compounds including, but not limited to, alkaloids, natural phenols, nucleoside analogs, carbohydrates, purines, pyrimidines, flavonoids, steroidal compounds and natural amino acids.

    “The growing number of research institutions world-wide now investigating natural products will buoy the discovery of novel chemistry leading to a wealth of therapeutic breakthroughs,” said Dr. Barry Bunin, President of Collaborative Drug Discovery. “It’s natural that TimTec’s laboratories complement CDD’s academic partners in natural products research with a unique commercial source of natural products and diverse derivatives.”

    “Beyond our successful compounds libraries, chemical software and drug discovery services, TimTec immediately appreciates the unique advantage and elegance of the CDD system to share our natural product compounds with the growing CDD community,” said Dr. Murat Niyazymbetov founder and President of TimTec.

    The TimTec databases join 14 other publicly available data sources in the CDD system with chemical and biological data for over 42,000 agents including:

    • 1,700 FDA approved drugs with indications and sponsors
    • Over 15,000 compounds with Malaria assay data from 5 public data sources
    • More than 850 compounds with Tuberculosis antibacterial activity information
    • Over 47,000 Ki values against 699 GPCR targets from the NIMH Psychoactive Drug Screening Program (PDSP) Database
    • 25,000 plus compounds available for purchase

    About TimTec LLC.

    TimTec LLC. - http://www.timtec.net - is a privately held company located in Newark Delaware, USA. It was founded in 1995 and began its work in the areas of acquisition and distribution of synthetic organic and natural compounds, custom synthesis, and laboratory equipment to become a full service partner for drug discovery. TimTec has established a global network of thousands of scientists from research centers around the world. The company has developed strong in-house expertise assembling general and targeted library collections for variety of research purposes. International customers include major pharmaceutical, biotech, agricultural, and educational companies and institutions, which use TimTec products for research and development programs.

    For further information please contact:

    Barry Bunin, Ph.D.
    President & CEO
    Collaborative Drug Discovery (CDD)
    1818 Gilbreth Road, Suite 220
    Burlingame, CA 94010

    Kay Denisova
    Business Development
    TimTec LLC.
    Harmony Business Park Building 301-A
    Newark, DE 19711
    Tel 302 292 8500
    Fax 302 292 8520

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