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    January 26, 2022

    Vault Snack #16 – CDD Vault Supports Mixtures as Chemically-Aware Data Structures

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    Hello, CDD Vault users! We've recently announced that CDD Support can enable the ability to register multiple entities in your Vault(s), and once that's done, your Vault Administrator can then allow different "Registration types". The latest entity added to the list of allowed Registration Types is Mixtures.

    The registration of a single mixture involves launching a new Mixture Editor to create your mixture.

    Within the Mixture Editor, users can look up or create mixtures by:

    • searching for a mixture by name, and selecting the appropriate choice from a list of matching mixtures
    • entering a mixture name or set of components, then clicking Parse to have the Mixture Editor create the mixture
    • editing individual mixture components from scratch to create a new mixture

    mixture editor screenshot

    The bulk import of a set of mixtures is also supported and uses the same Import Data wizard as any other bulk import process. The addition of a new "Compose mixtures from columns" feature allows you to import the various components of each mixture from multiple columns within an import data file.

    import mixture data

    The fully composed import report shows how the components will be mapped into each mixture once registration is complete.

    compose mixtures from columns

    Please let CDD Support know if you'd like to schedule a working session to review Mixtures, or any other topic… we are happy to meet with you!

    Finally, to wrap up today's Vault Snack, I have two tips to consider.

    The first is to remind Vault Administrators that you can now create Protocol fields which are then available for users to populate when creating (or editing) Protocol definitions. For details on using Protocol Fields feature, please read the Release Notes.

    The second note is to announce that CDD is planning to retire the legacy scatter plot tool that is currently in beta. This beta plotting and statistics tool is going away as soon as April 30th.

    legacy scatter plot tool will be retired

    Please try the modern CDD Vault Visualization tool and contact CDD support if you have any concerns.

    If this Vault Snack leaves you hungry for more, all previous Vault Snacks can be found here and as always, feel free to contact CDD Support - we are available to help you succeed in using CDD Vault.

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