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    January 24, 2020

    Vault Snack #8 – Kick Off 2020 with Laser-Focused Searching

    CDD Vault Snack Logo

    Hello, CDD Vault users. Happy New Year - we wish you all a joyful, successful and collaborative 2020!


    With another holiday season fading into the past, we are renewing our focus and commitment to success. CDD Vault is a great tool in your repertoire as it helps you focus on the data you need to find and understand.

    Search for outliers and overridden calculations

    One of the ways CDD Vault helps with this focus is the ability to search for outliers that have been flagged and/or calculations that have been overridden. As an example, when your Protocol is normalizing raw data against controls, you can search for one of the normalization scores (% inhibition, % positive control, % negative control and/or z score) and use the second drop-down of query options to narrow your query to values that have been flagged as outliers.

    Screenshot of search dropdown menu selecting outliers

    Another example is the ability to search for dose-response calculations that have been overridden during the QC/curation process. Simply select the dose-response calculation (IC50, EC50, etc) and use the subsequent drop-down to narrow your query down to values that have been overridden.

    Screenshot of search dropdown menu selecting "is overridden"

    These search options are handy during your QC/curation process by allowing you to filter by values that “cannot be calculated”, “requires additional points to generate a curve” and/or “falls outside the dose series”. These additional query options are powerful by helping you search, curate, analyze and understand the data registered in your CDD Vault.

    Remember, you can nominate topics for future Vault Snacks, so let us know what tips you use to help manage, analyze, and present chemical structures, biological assay, and ELN data within CDD Vault.

    If this Vault Snack leaves you hungry for more, all previous Vault Snacks can be found here and as always, feel free to contact CDD Support with any questions (and we are also quite happy to schedule individual working sessions to help ensure your success when using CDD Vault).

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