CDD Opens Offices in Cambridge (UK) and Washington, D.C.

CDD Expansion News

CDD’s primary mission has always included the promotion and empowerment of collaborations for our customers. Sometimes, these customer collaborations are isolated within groups located across the hall from one another, and other times they involve truly global partnerships. What you may not realize is that CDD also encourages and adopts this collaborative work environment internally. With staff members and advocates located throughout the world, CDD is truly a globally collaborative environment. We are delighted to make the following expansion announcements.

CDD Opens Offices in Cambridge (UK) and in Washington, D.C.

CB1 Station Road
Located in the CB1 Business Centre at 20 Station Road in Cambridge (UK), the CDD UK office currently provides a home for our international Business Development, Sales and Marketing teams.

Leveraging a WeWork space located at 718 7th St NW Washington DC, the CDD East Coast office currently houses a few of our Research Informatics technical staff.


Our global presence is rounded out with our distributor, MOLSIS Inc., located in Tokyo.


Of course, expanding into actual physical office spaces is very exciting for CDD but there’s another dimension to our expansion. Working with several “virtual” drug discovery research organizations has proven that the collaborative model works well with project teams comprised of remote “telecommuters”. In addition to supporting this virtual collaboration model via CDD Vault, CDD actively follows this paradigm internally, as shown on the world map below displaying the locations of the entire CDD family.

CDD World Map

Finally, a reminder that the anchor of CDD is our corporate headquarters located just south of San Francisco, CA, in Burlingame.

CDD Burlingame

The CDD family is truly excited to welcome 2018 and we are optimistic that our expansion efforts will cultivate an even closer professional relationship with the CDD Vault user community.


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