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    CDD Security Advantage

    Your IP is important

    Chemical structure and bioassay data are not only very sensitive intellectual property (IP), they are also core to the continuity and survival of many companies’ businesses.

    Protecting the security, privacy and availability of our customers’ data is always our top priority. As described by our security practices and our privacy policy, our software, our infrastructure, and our policies are all designed to ensure the highest levels of security and privacy and to assure our customers that they can rely on CDD to protect their data.

    Many leading research organizations— including private companies, universities, and foundations — entrust CDD with their sensitive IP. Before they became CDD customers, many of these organizations questioned the idea of allowing their sensitive data to be hosted by an outside party, and several of them engaged in intense due diligence to scrutinize the technology and the company. They concluded that CDD’s remotely-hosted service can protect their IP even more reliably than an in-house system could.

    We manage your secure and private Vault so you can focus on research

    CDD draws upon the most sophisticated information security technologies available and layers them to create redundant defenses. We test and probe at every level.

    In many cases, these measures afford a much higher level of security than an in-house system. For example, most small organizations rely on ad hoc internal networks that are not explicitly secured, lack security guard personnel to keep their physical premises under continuous surveillance, fail to perform regular off-site backups, do not bother to define and restrict user access privileges to database systems, do not log database access, and do not audit usage. Often, the users themselves are responsible for the network and the database, but lack the expertise to secure them properly. In an environment weakened by any of these flaws, the instinctive sense that a database is secure because it is located on site is an illusion. For most academic laboratories and small companies, entrusting research data to CDD can therefore significantly enhance security and privacy.

    … and collaborate securely with your partners

    Large companies often have the IT resources necessary to avoid these issues and to create a secure perimeter around their IP. That perimeter, however, typically does not provide a suitable mechanism for employees to collaborate securely with academic groups or other organizations outside the company’s firewall. Employees must circumvent security measures to collaborate (e.g. emailing data sets over insecure channels, or opening holes in firewalls), undermining the company’s security infrastructure.

    CDD offers large organizations a secure mechanism to mediate the exchange of data with external collaborators. Maintaining the data in a central, secure database enforces access restrictions and provides an audit trail, unlike ad hoc exchange of data files. You can even reserve all Web-based access rights for your organization only, excluding CDD support personnel. If your company exchanges research data with outside collaborators, compare CDD’s software and security scenario not to the ideal of your IT security policies and perimeter, but rather to the reality of how your scientists move data across the perimeter when they collaborate externally.

    Learn More

    To learn more about how CDD protects your data, please read:

    CDD welcomes all your questions about security and privacy. We believe that a robust and open discussion of these issues illuminates the risks, and helps to reassure customers that relying on CDD’s software enhances the security of their sensitive IP.