CDD Vault Update: Cancel Export

Today’s release brings several usability enhancements to help you get data in to and out of your vault smoothly. Notably, we added an option to cancel an export, added support for European date formats, and made a couple of additions to the API.

Cancel export

A large export can take a long time, especially if it includes many dose-response plots and structure images. You may change your mind half-way through waiting for it. We have added a “cancel” link to the export progress bar, so that you need not wait for the export to finish before starting another one. Freedom to change your mind is finally here!


European date format

In North America, dates are often formatted as Month/Day/Year, while in Europe, Day/Month/Year is common.

We now automatically recognize date formatting in imported files based on whether the file is comma or semicolon delimited. (European CSV files use semicolons as delimiters because commas are used in numbers: e.g: 0,23 instead of 0.23). We already used the locale of the file to decide how to parse numbers, and now date parsing follows the same logic.



JSON response from the API now includes the following:

  • The Z’ factor for each combination of run and readout definition when retrieving a plate
  • The protocol owner’s full name when retrieving a protocol

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