CDD Vault Update: Data Upload Improvements

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February 14, 2011

Importing your data is a critical and often tricky first step when using CDD. This is the first in a series of releases aimed at making data upload faster and easier. Look for the following:

Create a run on-the-fly! Yes, you read correctly, you can now create a run on step 2 of the Import Data wizard. As long as the protocol exists, go directly to the Import Data tab and start mapping your fields. When mapping to “Readouts (Protocol Data),” select your protocol and readout definition, and then select an existing run or… create a new one!


After creating a protocol definition, the readout definition section is automatically expanded in edit mode to save you a click or two. If you forget to add readout definitions, we’ve added some helpful text to the run details section since at least one readout definition must be defined before creating a run. These improvements will help guide new and existing users through the data upload process.

When creating new protocols or runs, the associated files section has been removed. Many people mistakenly thought this upload form provided a way to import data. For consistency, supplemental files (attachments or source files) can now be found on their own tab, exactly as they appear on molecule pages.

And for a little fun, we’ve made a change the following pages: Protocol, Run Details, Plate Details and Recent Changes. Can you spot what it is? Contact support with your answer and you’ll receive a gold star (or maybe a complimentary data project 🙂 We’ll post the answer in the next release.