CDD Vault Update (February 2021 [#2]): Unique Molecule Fields are Case Sensitive

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February 5, 2021

Unique Entity/Molecule Fields are now Case Sensitive

Upper and lower case characters are considered different and can be registered as separate values into any Entity/Molecule field marked as “Must be unique”. This expands the utility of unique Entity/Molecule fields as top-level parent-record identifiers when chemical structures are not being registered. For example, upper and lower case letters can be used in a sequence to:

  1. Indicate amino acid or nucleotide modifications or mutations (e.g.: methylation)
  2. Emphasize a specific domain within a sequence (e.g.: binding domain)
  3. Denote the insert in a vector backbone
  4. Mark low confidence nucleotides from sequencing results
  5. Distinguish between registered RNA and DNA sequences

Unique Entity Fields are now Case Sensitive