CDD Vault Update: Refreshed Design and New API Articles in Knowledgebase

Just in time to make your 2017 holiday reading list, CDD has refreshed the design of the Support Portal Knowledgebase and added new articles covering the CDD Vault API features.

CDD Vault Support Portal Knowledgebase Update
The new design incorporates a useful navigation panel along the left side of the page. As you move through a series of articles regarding CDD Vault, you will always see where you are within the Knowledgebase and can easily find the next article of interest.

In addition to the design refresh, several new articles were written to document the use of the CDD Vault API (Application Programming Interface). With the API, users can implement secure programmatic access to vault data. Using the API, external client applications such as Microsoft Office, Pipeline Pilot, Knime, StarDrop, DataWarrior and others can be configured to directly access and process chemical and biological data from the CDD Vault.


The CDD Vault API feature must initially be activated by CDD Support, so please contact us if you wish to use these features.

Simply click the “Help” button in the upper right corner of the CDD Vault interface to begin enjoying this holiday update to our Support Portal Knowledgebase! As always, feel free to contact CDD Support for assistance.

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