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    Download SPARK Data

    The Shared Platform for Antibiotic Research (SPARK) is an initiative established to aid scientists in better understanding the barriers to discovering new antibiotics for Gram-negative bacteria, as well as to encourage a culture of collaboration and data sharing. Data from literature sources and unpublished contributions were curated, standardized, and annotated by scientists. To learn more about SPARK, see Thomas, et al. 2018 ACS Inf Dis 4(11):1536.

    All data from SPARK are available to download as a .ZIP and include .CSV and .SDF file formats. The following datasets are included in the download:

    • SPARK Compounds & Physicochemical Properties
    • SPARK Data: MIC Assays
    • SPARK Data: IC50 Assays
    • SPARK Data: Intracellular Accumulation Assays
    • SPARK Data: Achaogen Contribution
    • SPARK Data: Novartis Contribution
    • SPARK Data: Merck & Kyorin Contribution
    • SPARK Data: CO-ADD Contribution
    • SPARK Data: Quave Lab {Emory University} Publications

    By accessing the SPARK data, you agree to these SPARK Data Terms of Use.

    (Zipped file requires 70MB storage space to download)