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    Scientific Data Management System

    CDD Vault is a hosted informatics platform that helps you organize, collaborate, and make discoveries faster.
    Lab Informatics Software
    Break Down Silos

    Store both biology and chemistry data in a single, flexible system that accommodates a variety of data types and workflows.

    Electronic Laboratory Notebook
    Increase Research Productivity

    Enable real-time collaboration and secure data access through any web browser, so the team can spend more time making discoveries.

    Informatics Software
    Safeguard Intellectual Property

    Protect against data loss and unauthorized access, because IP is your most important asset.

    Scientific Data Visualization Software
    Enable AI & Machine Learning

    Structure your data to facilitate AI applications and leverage built-in generative tools to discover new leads. 

    Trusted Lab Informatics Software by
    100's of Top Organizations

    CDD Vault Solutions

    CDD Vault is designed to be a comprehensive, central repository system for all your research data that can be seamlessly integrated into data workflows.

    • Activity & Registration

      Store, organize, and compare your data with ease. Share and collaborate securely across project teams.
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      Laboratory Informatics Software


    • Electronic Lab Notebook

      Capture experiments digitally and collaboratively. Easily archive and search all of your experimental results.
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      Electronic Lab Notebook


    • Visualization

      Generate beautiful graphs from your data. Analyze data assets to find interesting patterns, activity hotspots, and outliers.
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      Scientific Data Visualization Tools


    • Inventory

      Keep track of the location and quantity of lab materials, whether it be samples, compounds, reagents, or consumables.
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      Lab Inventory Software


    • Deep Learning

      Discover alternative lead compounds by harnessing CDD Vault's proprietary AI capability.
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    • CDD Vault API

      Seamlessly connect with ease. The missing link that bridges the gap between the applications and unleashes the true potential of your business.
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      Drug Discovery AI


    Laboratory Informatics Software


    Electronic Lab Notebook


    Scientific Data Visualization Tools


    Lab Inventory Software


    deep learning screenshot 3


    Drug Discovery AI



    User-centric solution that provides rapid time to value

    You will be surprised by how easy and intuitive it is to get started with CDD Vault. Say goodbye to heavy customizations and steep learning curves - new users become proficient in the system after just 90 minutes of guided onboarding. Your team will be more productive in hours, not weeks or months.


    Best-in-class customer support helps you succeed

    We don’t just offer a software platform, we provide training and support to ensure you get the most out of your investment. Our support team consists of lab-trained scientists who are experts of CDD Vault, and they are eager to help you along every step of the journey.

    We were spun out of academia and didn't have any data tracking system. With CDD Vault we are now able to compile all results in one place and compare different compounds on the same page - really useful! The ELN is very beneficial as well. We can easily prepare a slide deck from the well-organized data to present to investors and partners.


    Research Scientist, Ridgeline Therapeutics

    CDD Vault has been an invaluable resource for our team. Its intuitive operating system allows us to view essential chemistry and biology data at key points of our project lifecycles. CDD complements our onshore and offshore collaborations in a stable and secure manner with quality data point representation for simple yet evocative conclusions. We highly recommend this to anyone who works with loads of scientific data and needs to glean worthy insights regularly.


    VP Medicinal Chemistry, Jubilant Biosys

    We have collaborated with numerous academic groups and companies on the CDD Vault platform over the past 10 years. People come and go, but CDD provides a stable foundation to manage data for all our collaborations. It also has robust security features that satisfy our pharma partners, which is no easy feat.


    Chair of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Weill Cornell Medicine

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