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CDD provides a modern approach to drug discovery research informatics trusted globally by thousands of leading researchers. The CDD Vault is a hosted biological and chemical database that securely manages your private and external data. Here are some CDD milestones:

  • 2022:  CDD Vault Supports Biologics
  • 2021: CDD launches BioHarmony
  • 2020: CDD Vault has >90% renewal rate
  • 2020: CDD joins the Microsoft Cloud Storage Partner Program & integrates Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) in CDD Vault ELN
  • 2019: CDD Vault celebrates 1,000,000th customer login
  • 2018: CDD powers BMGF TBDA, Pew Trusts SPARK, and NIH BPN2.0 collaborations
  • 2017: CDD Vault becomes leading whole solution for drug discovery informatics with Activity & Registration, Inventory, Visualization, and now…ELN
  • 2017: CDD launches patented, new BioAssay Express (BAE) platform for “Assay Informatics”
  • 2016: CDD Vault = Activity & Registration + Inventory (New) + Visualization
  • 2015: CDD Vault adds advanced calculations, modeling, and visualization
  • 2014: CDD celebrates 10 Year Users Meeting together with Leading Scientists
  • 2014: CDD Vault hosts >23 Million Compounds
  • 2013: CDD Vault securely hosted >9 years – with 99.98% up-time
  • 2013: CDD surpassed >100,000 customer logins
  • 2012: CDD Database for NIH NINDS receives FISMA authorization
  • 2012: NIH picked CDD Vault for Neuroscience Blueprint Network
  • 2012: CDD securely hosted >160,000,000 datapoints
  • 2011: CDD won Bio-IT World Editors’ Choice Best Practices Award
  • 2011: MM4TB 5 year EU funded project with AstraZeneca, Sanofi-Aventis
  • 2010: GSK, Novartis, Pfizer, and NIH Collaborations announced
  • 2009: CDD Vault surpasses >1 Million Compounds
  • 2008: Gates Foundation 2 year grant (extended to present date)
  • 2005: Eli Lilly co-invested in a syndicate with Omidyar Network and Founders Fund
  • 2004: CDD spun out of Lilly, UCSF signs up as first customer

CEO's Interview

Dr. Barry Bunin, founder and CEO, answers questions about CDD and our vision in an interview for FounderLY.