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CDD Vault is a modern web application for your chemical and biological registration, assay data management, and SAR analysis. It lets you organize data and collaborate across project teams. It is simple to use and extremely secure.


Store data in CDD Vault Database

Import large sets of chemical, biological, and computational data in a few steps. Register small molecules, plasmids, antibodies, peptides, and more. Manage them efficiently in CDD Vault so you never lose track. 



Search through assays and compound libraries. Filter precisely using methods like boolean logic, hit thresholds, substructure and Tanimoto similarities. View cross-discipline results that highlight structure-activity relationships within a single table.



Your CDD Vault is protected by 2-factor authentication and IP tracking. You can access your data from any location without compromising security.


Analyze quality of your results for better discovery.

Normalize and generate concentration-response curves, plate statistics, assay quality metrics, and heatmap visualizations. Measure and assure the quality of your results for better discovery.



Work efficiently with internal and external project team members. Share selective data sets through an intuitive web interface quickly.



Customize reports within CDD Vault to easily collate chemical and biological data of interest into a single table. Share these results with your project team and even export as Excel documents or SD files.